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Testimonials on the "The 100 Best Fleets" Program

City of Santa Ana’s mayor receiving their award for the 100 Best Fleets in 2010

I don’t have to remind you about what a great program The 100 Best Fleets is. What a great exercise going through the application process.

J.D. Schulte CAFM, CPFP; Fleet Manager, City of Moline, IL; APWA Fleet Manager of the Year

The 100 Best Fleet award was an incredible achievement for CTA's Fleet Services Department. It recognized the hard work of our staff and business partners and is a source of pride for the entire agency. For a department that operates behind the scenes in a large entity, albeit in a crucial capacity, the award has elevated our status and validated our strategies to upper management. Most importantly, it provides confidence to our internal customers that a top-notch department is handling their fleet needs. Thanks again for the tremendous honor.

Morgan Conlon, Manager, Non Revenue Fleet Service; Chicago Transit Authority; Chicago, IL better believe we are submitting an application for Top 100 2020, and 2021, and 2022, and 2023, and on and on and on. As long as I’m here, we will always compete. There really is no better measure in our wonderful industry than The 100 Best Fleets. It measures performance, takes our temperature if you will and lets me know if we’re running a fever or not and I’m just what the doctor ordered. Placement is part of competing but performance is really what I’m after. Another reason I feel compelled to compete each and every year is that it helps sustain excellence. Many Fleet Managers “make the list” and “call it a day”. Achieving a high standard is one thing, sustaining a high standard is what this program helps us do! Thank you for developing this wonderful measure of performance as without it, I think I’m doing OK but with your panel of experts, I know I’m doing OK.

Jeffrey A. Hawthorne CAFM, B.S.B.A., Fleet Manager; Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office; West Palm Beach, FL

Tom, Thank you very much. It was a great pleasure meeting you and getting to know many of the people in these photos. Your 100 Best Fleets and Green Fleet Awards are terrific programs and I wish you continued success. Hope to see you again at a future event!

Debbie Swartz; Michigan Department of Environmental Quality; Lansing, MI

Tom, you are the only reason there is a The 100 Best Fleets competition. There are thousands of fleet managers that owe you for elevating their job and salaries. So for everything you do, THANK YOU.

Bill DeRousse, former manager; Everett, Washington (former #1 in The 100 Best Fleets)

Tom, you do great work as well. What you do has helped hundreds of fleet managers around the country.

Robert Martinez, Deputy Commissioner; New York City Police Department; New York, NY

Good evening. Just wanted to let you know that the San Antonio Independent School District (Texas) submitted our application yesterday for 2018 [edition of] The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas.

We were so honored to be selected as a 2017 Winner and this recognition elevated the spirit of our team to new heights!

This school year our school district was one of two in the nation to receive a competitive grant award for propane school buses from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both the grant award and entry into propane school buses are firsts for our department. The recognition received from The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas played a significant role in our grant submittal.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of such a great program - it inspires us to continually improve and excel!

Nathan J. Graf, Senior Executive Director, Transportation and Vehicle Maint.; San Antonio Independent School District; San Antonio, TX

We received your letter and our certificate of recognition for the 100 Best Fleets. On behalf of our entire team I want to say how honored and humbled we are to have made the list. It is a wonderful program that you have put together and was the highlight of a really great conference. Thank you for all the work that you do. We will endeavor to continue to improve our own fleet operation, and look forward to the next I&E. Best wishes from the University of Texas at Austin.

Mark Kaligian, Assistant Director, University Fleet Operations; The University of Texas at Austin

I read about the outstanding ranking of UNL Transportation Services in the fleet rankings in the top 100 out of 38,000 today. I knew your team was exceptional — but to be recognized by peers in this way is outstanding. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to all of your team for what you do every day. #45 and counting down!

Ronnie D. Green, Ph.D.; Chancellor; University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Thank you for the kind words Tom, I truly appreciate all your hard work with 100 Best Fleets and what it means to all of the public fleets. You are truly one of the great inspirations in our industry and have really helped people take notice of the work we do in a field that is mostly neglected in the public sector.

Dennis R Brooks, Fleet Manager; County of Santa Clara; San Jose, CA

I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to present at the NAFA Regional meeting in Utah this week, and network with other fleet professionals. I think back to what you said to me in one of our email communications. The man who stands up to speak is not the same man that sits down. You are doing a great thing beyond The 100 Best Fleets, you are bringing people together and helping fleet professionals become better. Keep up the great work!

Lance Knudtson, Fleet Supervisor; Chelan County PUD; Wenatchee, WA

As always Tom, thank you for your efforts in creating this valuable program and the work you have put into it over the years. The Fleet Profession doesn’t have very many opportunities to “tell our stories”, this program and your continued efforts help us get the message out – thanks for all that you do for Fleets.

Roger G. Weaver; Fleet Management Department Director; San Bernadino County, CA

The 100 Best Fleets has been an integral part of conveying what we do to administrators outside of our department. As the Fleet Manager for a large Law Enforcement fleet I have to show accountability for where our tax dollars are being spent, as well as instill a level of confidence into the men and women whose vehicles we service on a daily basis. Having ranked in the top 100 for 3 years running, I can truly say that Tom Johnson’s 100 Best nomination has given us our place as one of the elite departments within our organization.

Alan Lane, Fleet Unit Manager; Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office; West Palm Beach, FL

The benefits to my team here in Orlando from our affiliation with Tom Johnson and the 100 Best Fleets programs are frankly beyond measure. We are better in so many areas of service delivery in both our Fleet and Facilities Operations.

You know I don't plug what I don't believe in; and I think this is worth sharing with our colleagues in your neck of the woods.

David L. Dunn, CFM; City of Orlando, Division Manager; Orlando, FL

I have always admired your enthusiasm and the time we spent at the 100 Best Fleets events over the course of the past 5 years. I was able to make lasting friendships and lifetime memories. I wish you the best in your future.

Tony Jobanek, Fleet and Radio Communications Manager; City of Eugene, OR

I think it is great! Great in so many ways, it forces you to evaluate yourself and identify areas which you can improve on. It is so easy to get complacent and just maintain status quo, this can be an eye opener and can be a game changer for your department.

Robert Swepston, Director of Equipment Management; City of Muskogee, OK

Thank you for the opportunity. We are doing the final squeezing of words as we have a lot to say and a small spot to say it...making it a challenge and a great experience at the same time as it also gives us quick short responses for colleagues and press. So we win no matter what for having this wonderful self-audit.

Mark Tolman; Canyon County Fleet; Caldwell, ID

Thanks for recognizing The City of Henderson, Nevada as one of The 100 Best Fleets. It is truly an honor we hold in high regard.

Joe Rajchel, General Services Manager; City of Henderson, NV

We've got a lot of good stuff going on here this year Tom. My team works very hard and they do a great job. A lot of our successes can be attributed to you, and your outstanding efforts to promote the industry, and to educate fleet managers and their teams to think out of the box for increased efficiencies. Thanks for all you do, and have done to keep me and my Team moving forward.

Michael Brennan, CEM; Fleet Manager; Manatee County, FL

We appreciate everything you are doing to educate and recognize fleets!

Scott Estes, Fleet and Facilities Manager; City of Mountain View, CA

We like the accountability, credibility and recognition that it brings to our fleet division.

Mike DePaulo, CPFP; City of Buckeye, AZ

Tom, you are a true inspiration to us all.

Colleen McCann Kettles, JD; Coordinator, Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition; Florida Solar Energy Center

Please know that it was a pleasure to meet with you and attend your program! I thoroughly enjoyed it and I invite you to contact me to participate in your future endeavors.

Lisa Friday-McCastlain; National Account Manager; AmeriGas - MetroLawn

Thank You again for organizing such a Great Meeting in Orlando last Thursday. Please let me know if you put together another meeting in the Southeast (My GM Region (Fla-Va-NC-SC-Ky-Tenn-Ala-Ga).

Jim Mellon; GM Fleet & Commercial

Good evening friends and associates, I really appreciate the opportunity to compete in this year’s prestigious Top 100 Fleet competition. This program is relevant and necessary in our profession. It is my honest belief that without a standard or measure, fleets across America would be on the side of the road unsuccessful in their mission so “thank you” for holding the industry accountable. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office takes great, great pride in striving for a best in class operation each and every day and truly believe we are clearly on our way. My hats off to this program, its author (s), and its sponsors. This is our industry, this is our profession, this is what we do. In closing, “Safety and Service” is our priority, “Best in Class” is our agenda.

Jeffrey A. Hawthorne, Fleet Manager; Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office; West Palm Beach, FL

I believe the program you are running is top notch! I’m very proud to be a part of it as it shows to our customers and taxpayers we are doing the right thing. Thank you for everything you’re doing!

Keith Condra, Director of Fleet Management; Town of Fishers, IN

Click on the graphic to read the whole "Committed to Excellence" letter, reprinted with permission.

...There were literally hundreds of fleet applications that went to four dedicated public servants and past winners of the No. 1 position for “100 Best Fleets”, who served as judges. It was their responsibility to read, score, evaluate, collaborate, and finally judge every application. The pay for each of them was the same, nada – nothing but a pat on the back for a job well done. This took a massive number of hours cumulatively for these men and women. Known as the “best of the best,” these judges determined which fleets fit the criteria and excelled, which fleets could provide supporting documentation, and then verified the claims made in each fleet’s application, finally ranking each as one of the“100 Best Fleets” in North America. Congratulations to City of Troy, Mich., and Sam Lamerato, who was named the No. 1 fleet in the country. ...

Kelly Reagan Fleet Administrator City of Columbus, Ohio 

Read the whole letter, reprinted with permission.

I'm looking forward to reading about the common characteristics of the top Fleets. Just entering this contest has improved our fleet operations so much. As we read the criteria and saw we were weak in some areas, we made a concerted effort to improve in that area. And as economic times got tougher, we brainstormed to see how we could cut our expenses, which in turn reduces our costs to all our customers, which helped us in our 100 Best Fleet application.

Also, one last thing - thanks for bragging on and showing off our patches at the convention. We wear them proudly.

Barbara Olsen, Fleet Operations Support Manager; City of Fayetteville, AR
In the top 20 five years in a row!

Thank you. Surrounding municipal leaders have heard about our achievement and have contacted both our Mayor and City Manager congratulating them...we are all smiles at fleet. We have been asked to add to the regular information we provide in our weekly review that each dept submits to City hall some additional information, pictures of staff, and a copy of the award. I wanted to include some numbers that I already have but was not sure if it is accurate to say several hundred on average apply yearly or more? You weren’t kidding when you said this will attract attention to fleet...all good of course.

Facundo Tassara; Fleet Operations Manager; City of Ormond Beach, FL

I am proud that our Fleet Management Division continues to be recognized as one of the most advanced and efficient fleets in the nation. Congratulations to Kelly Reagan and the entire division for what they do to improve our vehicles and equipment, save taxpayer dollars and make Columbus a greener city.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman, Columbus, OH

I cannot thank the two of you enough for the introduction to The 100 Best Fleets. The access to so many great minds and the wealth of the collective experience in the group is an absolute gold mine of information for us to continue on our journey of improvement.

I have shared the fact that we are in the 100 Best with this team and their enthusiasm is incredible.

David L. Dunn, CFM; Fleet & Facilities Management Division Manager, City of Orlando, FL

Thought you might find our internal newsletter, Fleet Tailgate (download - 2 MB) of interest. This is our special edition for our celebration of us getting into the 100 Best Fleets as well as recognizing all the amazing things we do for CPS Energy and this community. We will have a celebration on July 12th. I have asked for it to be funded out of the YTD savings in our O&M budget that is $300,000 below our projected forecast since this celebration was not budgeted. Thanks for helping us get there.

David Dettman, Fleet Manager; CPS Engergy; San Antonio TX

Our participation in The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas has paid off in welcome recognition for our hard-working fleet team. On July 22nd, the Mayor is recognizing the Fleet Ops for winning the 100 Best Fleets at the City Council meeting. In addition, the Mayor and our boss, the CFO, are joining our Fleet on August 12th to have our celebration with hats, banners and a cake.

David Dunn, Division Manager; City of Orlando, FL

I appreciate all your help and leadership over the past few years. I believe this is what made our shop what it is and I hope continues to be. Thanks again Tom!

Keith Condra, Fleet Manager; Town of Fishers, IN

When the ACUA first applied to the program in 2011, the application offered an opportunity to review current practices and policies and to look for ways to improve. We used the application process to hone our own fleet program, and we continue to use it as a guide to help us to refine our practices. The scope of criteria considered for the award is very broad, and challenges applicants to look beyond standard metrics. Taking things like collaboration, creativity, and employee recognition makes this award different from others, and fits with ACUA’s desire to foster a culture where employee innovation and ideas help drive our organization to provide the best and most cost effective services. Receiving the award for the third year, ACUA’s ranking has moved up from 91 in 2012 to 48 in 2013.

Rick Dovey, President; Atlantic County Utilities Authority; Pleasantville, NJ

It has been brought to my attention by my Manager Mark Tolman that you are extending your thanks to me for the time and effort I put into our Fleet Application. It is a great honor to be recognized by you.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. However the thanks truly go to you. Without your book, “IF IT WAS EASY, THEY WOULDN’T CALL IT HARD”, my thoughts would have stayed jumbled up in my head and never came to fruition.

So my thanks go to you for giving all of us the tools we need to always strive for innovative ways to improve our Fleet and again be able to put it down on paper.

Dawn Pence; Canyon County Fleet Admin Asst.; Caldwell, ID

Our fleet has benefitted so much from the program both in service quality and fleet promotions to both internal and external stakeholders. I would like to see more exposure over the other side of the mountains as there are many good fleet managers there.

Fred Chun, Fleet Manager; City of Tacoma, WA; President of Washington State Public Fleet Managers

Great job guys!!! You are the best of the best. Your hard work, leadership and dedication of your team members make this happen, not just once but 9 times. I'm proud the be a customer of yours.

John R. Barnott; Director Building and Development Services; Manatee County Government; Manatee, FL

Tom, I would like to take a minute and thank you and all your staff for this very worthwhile and important program, The 100 Best Fleets. I myself have worked in Fleets all my life and to get some recognition for my people and their work is outstanding. And we appreciate the work you have done to make that happen. I am one Fleet out of many that labor every day to make things happen, and to keep this world moving along. But to me its people that make Fleets work, like us and you and all the other great Fleet organizations, [and there are many]. And your program gets them the recognition these organizations deserve. Thanks again for all you do. 

Ray Griffin, CPM; Alachua County Fleet Manager; Gainesville, FL

The network you’ve put together through “100 Best Fleets” certainly is a list of the best and the brightest in the industry. We’re proud to be part of that group.

Dave Head, Sonoma County CA, one of the 100 Best Fleets and top 40 Government Green Fleets for 2011

It is I who owes you the thanks. The programs you run are a blessing to the Fleet community. The recognition we have garnered via your programs had helped us gain millions in additional funding for Fleet. Your programs has made the lives of each technician and equipment operator better. As we picked up recognition our funding line went up.

David Kilbourne; Director – Fleet San Antonio Water System; San Antonio, TX

On behalf of all of us from the City of Edmonton Fleet Services Team, I wish to express my sincere thanks to Tom for your tireless efforts and leadership in advancing 100 Best Fleets and each of you who served as Judges big thank you for your time, and your commitment in evaluating the many submissions for 100 Best Fleets. It is truly a privilege for us to be included in this elite group. We appreciate your time and effort in continuing to advance this process.

Steve Rapanos; Branch Manager Fleet Services ,City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have taken a new position (partially thanks to my ‘100 Best’ awards) and wanted to update your records. I hope to have my new organization ‘100 Best’ ready by the time the applications come out in the Spring. We should also be a contender for the Green Fleet award because we are definitely on the forefront of green initiatives.

Michael Webster; Manager of Fleet Services Land Mgmt. - Fleet Services Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

The cost of submission: nothing. The benefit to your organization: priceless.

Marilyn L. Rawlings; Fleet Manager Lee County Fleet Management; Fort Myers, FL

I just wanted to once again thank you and for all you do to allow us public fleet managers the opportunity to promote our work with both our organizations and communities. The 100 Best Fleets program has been such a valuable avenue to help us educate and inform those we serve. I believe your enthusiasm and passion is obvious and present in the way you approach the program. I am fortunate to have the ability to connect with so many other fleet managers across the country largely due to the 100 Best Fleet program.

Character, honesty, passion and commitment are values which I believe lead us down our road of success. Your work has made a tremendous difference for the many public fleet organizations involved in the program. Hope all is well with you. It was great having the chance to talk with you. Let me know if there is anything I can help with in the future. I wish you the best in your coming endeavors.

Tony Jobanek; Fleet and Radio Manager; City of Eugene, OR

Tom, just a short line to say thanks for all the inspiration you convey to the many Fleets in the Americas. [We were recognized in the city's holiday greeting.] We were also recognized in a City Council Retreat Video.

Jason Lalonde; Fleet Manager; Suffolk, VA

Thank you Tom for the encouragement. We will continue to strive to become a more efficient and effective fleet division here at OCSD by applying ourselves and what we have learned from others who are leaders and successful in our industry.

Chuck Forman; Fleet and Equipment Rebuild Services Manager; Orange County Sanitation District, CA

If fleet managers really cared about the operations, they should attend one of Tom’s seminars. If they really cared about the futures of their operations and the careers of their employees, they would take a good look at the criteria set-fourth at as being one of the best. Unfortunately there are only 100 spots with the top 100 Best Fleets and not everybody going to be recognized for their efforts. Although they will be recognized in their own organizations as being the best when they can support their operations based on facts and credibility. When the day comes and they to defend their operations – the preparation of this program may be deciding factor that saves their fleet operation from being out-sourced.

Gary Lentsch; Eugene Water & Electric Board Fleet Services Supervisor; Eugene, OR

I applaud all the hard work that went into organizing the convention held in June in Austin, Texas. I applaud everyone from the committed sponsors, to the expert speakers on specific subject material, to the “100 Best Fleets” judges who worked so hard evaluating all the applicants.

The Expo was packed with golden nuggets of information that could be farmed from most any session – all to take back to our respective operations and implement as soon as possible within our cities, counties, states, and school districts. I am very proud to be one of the recipients of the 100 Best Fleets awards again this year and I am proud of every fleet manager who continues to pursue excellence through this venue.

There were literally hundreds of fleet applications that went to four dedicated public servants and past winners of the No. 1 position for “100 Best Fleets”, who served as judges. It was their responsibility to read, score, evaluate, collaborate, and finally judge every application. The pay for each of them was the same, nada – nothing but a pat on the back for a job well done. This took a massive number of hours cumulatively for these men and women. Known as the “best of the best,” these judges determined which fleets fit the criteria and excelled, which fleets could provide supporting documentation, and then verified the claims made in each fleet’s application, finally ranking each as one of the“100 Best Fleets” in North America. Congratulations to City of Troy, Mich., and Sam Lamerato, who was named the No. 1 fleet in the country.

I would like to personally thank the dedication and hard work of every judge for their commitment to excellence: Larry Campbell of Ft. Wayne, Ind., Sharon Subadan CAFM and CPFP of Hillsborough County, Fla.; Marilyn Rawlings of Lee County, Fla.; Steve Riley of Coral Gables, Fla.; and finally our illustrious leader and founder Tom Johnson, who has been our public sector advocate and voice for many years.


Read the entire "Committed to Excellence" letter...reprinted with permission.

Kelly Reagan Fleet Administrator City of Columbus, Ohio


Thanks so much for the award Tom, it's catapulted morale and stopped the privatization banter!

Gary  McLean, Fleet Manager; City of Lakeland, FL

Surviving the City Auditor...

Per our phone conversation ...I can honestly tell you that if it were not for our participation in 100 Best Fleets these past few years we would not have been as well prepared/positioned and fared near as well through this audit process.

The other memo is the first time a City Manager has ever supported and directed the turn-in of underutilized vehicles. Times are a changing!

Keith Leech; Fleet Manager Department of General Services City of Sacramento; Sacramento, CA

Thanks, you all are some outstanding folks. This was our first year in the competition and we've learned a bunch. We'll be back another time hopefully. Thanks!

Randy L. Livermore; Director, AF Element VEMSO; Chicago, IL

For Eagle County Fleet Services being recognized as a top 100 Best Fleets brought the morale of our staff up.

It shows staff that they are recognized for all there hard work and dedication for being part of the Fleet industry.

Thanks so much for the honor of being recognized as a top 100 fleet.

Gusty Kanakis; Fleet Manager Eagle County; Gypsum CO

Participating in the 100 Best Fleets is an education in fleet management. The very process of completing the application will improve your program, by challenging you to examine your strengths and weaknesses and prompting you to measure and evaluate your practices in relation to the principals of good Fleet Management. Tom’s 100 Best seminars complete the process by providing learning and networking opportunities with the best fleet minds in the country.

Steve Szueber; Fleet Services Supervisor, Department of Public Works; City of Corona, CA

Being recognized as one of the 100 Best government fleets in the Americas, has allowed us to gain recognition, respect and credibility, not only with our board of County Commissioners, but has also increased the confidence of our customers in showing we are just as good, if not better than shops in the public sector. This award has also evidently brought national attention to our fleet, as I receive calls from other fleet manager seeking assistance or asking questions on how we do business. It has been an honor to be listed along side so many great fleets out there trying to do their best.

Lee Gurule; La Plata County, Fleet Manager; Durango, CO

Being selected as the #15 Fleet In North America was a key element in our retention as the provider of fleet maintenance services for the City of Fort Worth.

Wayne Corum; Director Equipment Services Department; City of Fort Worth, TX

Last year I created a year long FY-2011 strategic action plan using your 12 areas for a better fleet. I have attempted to do something in each of the areas this year.....Leadership, Business Plan, Fuel Management, etc...thought that that might help my response. Looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

Stephen Hillis; Fleet Manager City of Alcoa, TN

Recognition as a 100 Best Fleet has been a tremendous benefit to our operation. We've seen morale increase significantly and received many accolades from our customers. With increased morale has come efficiency gains and with customer accolades has come more confidence in us and our Division. Additionally, we have completely involved City leadership in our celebration and success. This has had the net effect of increasing our Division's credibility with the decision-makers in the City--a huge benefit when jobs are on the line and cutbacks the name of the day. Fleet's credibility in Oxnard is at an all-time high and that benefits us every single day.

Dan Berlenbach; Fleet Services Manager, City of Oxnard; Oxnard, CA

I do want to thank you and the 100 Best Fleets organization for recognizing the City of Los Angeles, General Services/Fleet Services as one of the top 100 Fleets. With all that our Fleet family has been through over the last year with budget cuts and all, receiving this award has certainly played an important role in boosting everyone's morale.

Thanks again!

Richard Coulson; Acting Fleet Director; City of Los Angeles, CA

Thank you Tom. On behalf of my staff, the City Manager, Ames City Council, and our community, we are proud to receive this honor and recognition. You and GFM continue to do an outstanding job of educating our stakeholders about the importance and cost benefits of purchasing and maintaining a highly functioning fleet. Too many people have no idea what fleets services is about, so your educational and inspirational communications, along with GFM
articles, makes us fleet managers even more proud of what we do. For many years I've used the analogy (from the customers perspective) that it's painful and expensive like going to the dentist, to obtain service on a vehicle or piece of equipment; and mostly it's the cost issue and inconvenience. Public service managers 9who use the fleet) would still rather use their fleet expense budget for other public services for labor and materials, but they do know, that deferred maintenance will eventually haunt them and cost them even more. Pro-active is less expensive than

Are you thinking of writing a book that would capture all these best practices for the new (and old) Fleet Managers. It would be a valuable resource; and you are getting allot of free input.

Again, thanks for all the things you do to promote Fleet Services, and for recognizing those who demonstrate these best practices.

Paul Hinderaker; Director, Fleet and Facilities; Ames, IA

Being recognized as one of the 100 Best government fleets out of 38,000 public fleets in North America, has helped the Virginia Department of Transportation Equipment Program maintain its credibility and gain additional recognition within state government as well as within the public fleet community.

Erle W. Potter, P.E., CEM; State Equipment Manager; Virginia Department of Transportation

Due to this award the fleet division was and continues to be recognized for their accomplishments. The '100 Best Fleet' designation is proudly declared anytime fleet is mentioned. Another positive from this award is the confidence it gives to the department who utilize fleet’s services. This speaks volumes.

Scott Lawler; BLW Public Works Operations Manager;  City of Marietta, GA

Being an outside contractor, presenting the award to the mayor and counsel members goes along way when contract renewal or negotiations are up coming. We presented this award three times in three years consecutively and presenting the award has been very beneficial in either monetary or extension of the contract.

Marc Siegel; General Manager, First Vehicle Services; Town of Davie, FL

Tom, I want to take a minute to thank you and all who help to do the 100 Best Fleets program. Alachua County Fleet Management has received a lot of praise for placing in the 100 Best. I am quite sure it requires a lot of hard work on your part to put this on this program, that recognizes the "behind the scene" people that keep the wheels rolling. Thanks Again, and I look forward to meeting you one day.

Ray Griffin; Alachua County Fleet Manager; Gainesville, FL

This [Honorable Mention] award was very well received by our Elected County Officials. At the committee meeting that this award was presented, the Peoria County Administrator requested that I contact you for a breakdown of "why we didn't break the top 100 and give a plan for achieving it next year!"

To continue our journey, to be one of the 100best fleets, I will contact the two judges you recommended, and we'll proceed to take the steps necessary to improve our services to our organization in pursuit of this goal.

Michael Patton; Fleet Manager, County of Peoria, IL

Here at Buckeye we are up to the challenge and working on our 2010 Top 100 Best Fleets in the Americas application.

Below are some of the things that I noticed since we won the award:

  • You receive free positive publicity in your area. In these economic times it’s good for the citizens and vendors in your community to know that your organization has been recognized as one of the best at what you do.

  • Credibility/Professionalism with Mayor/Council, Town Manager and Departments: Right after we won the award we were able to purchase mobile column lifts ($33,000) with an easy approval from upper Town Management.

  • Keep’s your department focused and on track by following you’re 'Top 100 Fleet Assessment Checklist'.

Mike DePaulo, CPFP; Fleet Management Supervisor; Town of Buckeye, AZ

From a (successful) American Public Works Association nomination for Michael DePaulo of Buckeye AZ: Public Relations Awareness section

Mike is one who would prefer to stay out of the spotlight; however, that does not mean that he would shy away from getting the best possible press for the people that work for him or his shop. In 2009 he, on his own initiative applied for the prestigious 100 Best Government Fleet Operations in North America award for the Town of Buckeye. It was a long shot for Buckeye to even be considered as the competition is so keen. There are an estimated 38,000 fleet operations in North America that could compete. Mike took the lead to put together the award package and Buckeye did make the top 100 for 2009! This represents a huge morale boost for his shop and gives great press for the Town of Buckeye as a whole.

Scott Lowe; Public Works Director; Town of Buckeye AZ

I have followed the 100 Best Fleets for several years. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing to encourage fleets to become better at what they do.

David McDermott; Fleet Manager; Council Bluffs, IA

Tom, it was nice to talk to you in Detroit earlier this week. I have heard only good about the top 100 programs and website, which I have now bookmarked.

I hope to continue future discussions over fleet management ideas and continue to improve our industry.

Bob Adamsky; Fleet Manager; Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning; 
2010 winner of the NAFA Larry Goil Award for innovation in fleet management; Sanford FL

Thanks for all you do for the Government Fleet Management profession. Without you taking the lead, many programs across the Country would not have the recognition they truly deserve.

Michael Brennan, Fleet Division; East Bradenton, FL

There are several benefits of being in this program. The evaluation categories set our fleet objectives and plans to improve efficiency and customers service. So this program is as much of a tool for me to manage our fleet to become even better organization each year. Also this recognition highlights on our Fleet Services as an important component of the City services that makes a huge contribution to our City.

Fred Chun; Fleet Services Manager; City of Tacoma, WA

Thank you for the positive feedback on the jackets. My guys love them. We have purchased them three different types of jackets over the last couple of years. It was fun to see the switch to the Top 100 jackets. We didn’t tell them they had to wear them. As a matter of choice they chose the one that lets them brag a bit.

This effort helps with so many other areas. Some of the guys have commented their kids were proud of where they worked because they were the best. That led to other efforts being willingly accepted.

I can’t thank you enough. Your efforts have made others better and willing to work more.

David Kilbourne; Director – Fleet San Antonio Water System; San Antonio, TX


Citrus County Fleet Management was selected for the first time as one of the '100 Best Fleets' for 2009. The Board of County Commissioners publicly recognized our achievement with an award presentation. Having this outside recognition put to rest any further discussion of privatization. We were also recognized in our local newspaper which raised our standing with our citizens and fellow county employees. Of course all of the exposure reflected back to my staff. They are proud to finally receive some positive recognition for the hard work they do for their community. With frozen wages and hiring freezes, receiving an honor like this has helped to keep morale high for our organization.


Michael R. Webster; Director, Office of Fleet & Transportation Management;

Citrus County, FL

Regarding the 100 Best Fleets... At a University, on the academic side, there are all sorts of awards, degrees, grants, etc, that can show their accomplishments, both as individuals and departments. For support organizations there are very few and often the nonacademic units are not highly thought of. The '100 Best Fleets' is sponsored by a national publication so when our Fleet department was honored it was well noted both on the operational side and the academic side of the University. The University of Minnesota is on a campaign to be one of the top three public research universities in the country and this award shows that we are one of the best. While people from the academic side do notice and comment when they hear of our accomplishments, or see the awards posted in our lobby, it is the other support units that really understand what it means and has helped us in our efforts to continuously make things better. It also helps us in our efforts to improve that we have gotten the award four years in a row. During these tough economic times it is hard to make changes but when the administration sees that we are on the leading edge by getting this recognition it makes it easier.

Thank You Tom.

Bill Roberts; Associate Director of Parking & Transportation Services,
University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN

Our 100 Best Fleets Plaque is proudly displayed on the Sheriff's wall in his office. 

It is a great way to have the 'Boss' see that his Fleet Department is recognized by an outside organization for doing a great job!

Mike Best; Broward Sheriff's Office; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thank you very much Tom for the great news. This news could not have come at a better time taking into account all that the City of Miami and specifically our Department has gone through for almost a year.

Once again thank you.

Jose E. Davila; Sr. Fleet Superintendent; City of Miami, FL

Hope all is well. Your efforts provide a very essential service to all of those who keep this county moving. Just wanted to say thank you.

Ron Schulhofer, Director Public Works Department; Manatee County, FL

Hi Tom, I hope all is well. I wanted to give you a quick update on my job status. I did take that job (we discussed when you were here) with the city as the new Administrative Services Manager. As of May 3rd I will be responsible for three other divisions in addition to fleet. I thought you might be interested...


The City of Boise Fleet Services Division has gained recognition, respect and credibility with our customers, by being recognized as one of the 100 Best Fleets in America. Although we feel very humbled to be mentioned with the other fleets in this prestigious group. We are inspired now especially in these rough economic times to prove we truly are one of the 100 Best.


Craig Croner; Fleet Services Manager; City of Boise, ID

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