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The 100 Best Fleets

 Tom C.  Johnson


In the year 2000 after analyzing more than 3500 fleet departments over 21 years in both public and private, I came to the conclusion that the fleet industry was misunderstood and often disrespected. We decided to “shine a light” on all the good things fleet managers do and educate up the ladder so their supervisors and taxpayers understand the value they provide on a daily basis.


Between the lines of every discussion with fleet managers they are literally shouting about the need for understanding and appreciation. Now the recognition piece of the puzzle has become an annual award.


The way to shine the light was through a contest for the very best-of-the-best fleet operations in the Americas. We choose 12 criteria that are the universal drivers of change and excellence in any operation. Various fleet professionals were selected as judges. Just entering the contest improves the entire fleet culture because you have declared you want to become the best and are willing to commit to an honest assessment of where you stand today while working towards improvements in the areas you can impact.


The methodology of a contest to recognize achievement is an extremely successful business model. The concepts are positive, simple, focused and fast, things people can put to use immediately.


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