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  The 100 Best Fleets in the Americas has many very affordable methods for your company to gain significant exposure for your fleet products or services. We believe in giving each advertiser value added benefits when you advertise with the 100 Best Fleets. In addition to traditional internet and email marketing methods, we also offer our advertisers the opportunity to speak about their products or services at our nation-wide seminar events. For more information, please read the detailed description of our advertising opportunities listed below. If you feel that your company would benefit from our services, then please click on the "advertise with us" application link found at the bottom of the page. Someone from The 100 Best Fleets will contact you to discuss your marketing requirements. Here's one testimonial:

"Due to the decline in business I am not able to invest any money this year. The 100 Best Fleets has been amazing and the experience has been second to none. I would — without a doubt — like to get into the sponsorship program again in 2022 when the world gains traction and the economy is opened. The services you provide and the people that you put in front of the sponsor create a once-in-a-lifetime network.
"I would like to continue to stay in touch and in your orbit as well. Not a lot of people have the personal touch that you have.
"Thank you for your patience and let's make contact in another month and see where we are."
Robert Hammond, Vice President; Pure Power, LLC; Pittsburg, CA

100 Best Fleets Seminars:  The 100 Best Fleets conducts several seminars throughout the U.S. each year. These events are attend by the top decision makers from every area of public sector fleet management. To view our upcoming seminar dates & locations click here, or select the appropriate menu button. There are two ways to advertise at our seminars:

Seminar sponsorship:  If your marketing team cannot attend our seminar, we will do the advertising for you! This is extremely beneficial in today's high cost of travel. We will give a brief summary of your products or services and pass out literature provided by your company. If you have additional marketing materials such as videos or software that need s to be shown or demonstrated we can also provide that service as well. Seminar sponsorship is the most cost efficient method of direct face-to-face advertising with fleet professionals. It guarantees you an audience at each event! The only requirement on your parts is that you ship us your marketing materials a minimum of one week prior to each event. This will give us time to review your material and effectively communicate your message.

Direct Seminar Representation:  If you have regional marketing representative that is capable of attending one of our seminars we will allot them a specified period of time to speak directly to our attendees. Additionally, you will be allowed to remain at the completion of the seminar to address any potential clients.

The 100 Best Fleets & Green Fleet Award Presentation Programs:  These events take place only once a year and are attended by the top fleet managers in the country!

The Green Fleet Awards:  Does your company produce produces or services that impact green fleet technologies, save fuel, or reduce emissions? If so, you may be interested in placing your advertisement in our Green Fleet Award application page. In addition to the award page, we also offer our fleet managers links to companies who may be able to help them achieve the standards listed in the "About the Award" criteria page. Under each category description, we will post a link to your website if your company is related to the category subject matter.


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